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Months in German

Welcome to language-easy.org! In this article I’d like to talk about something really essential in nearly every language all over to world: The name of the months. Well, we will also add add the of the four seasons of the year and some more important vocabulary you will need to express the part of the year […]

German Culture

German Culture Welcome to language-easy.org! Today I’d like to talk about German culture – in specific about the German way of life. Well, apart from from German language, you also should know somethings about the country and its people, as well! So, how are these Germans actually? Are the stereotypes of strict Germans, without any […]

The Best Way to Learn German

The Best Way to Learn German So, have you also made this experience? Wherever you travel to in this world, German are everywhere. Nice people – without doubt – and mostly, their English is quite impressive. But have you heard Germans speaking among each other? Well, it sounds strange and really complicated. And when you […]

German Pronunciation

German Pronunciation Well, Let’s talk today of a rather ugly and complicated part of this language, the German pronunciation. Of course, “ugly” is relative – but nevertheless, the German pronunciation of some words differs a lot from the pronunciation of these words in other European languages. Luckily, learning German pronunciation is nothing impossible – you […]

The Colors in German

The Colors in German Well, what would life be without colors? Yes, your are absolutely right about that – Life would definitely rather sad. Actually, the same happens when learning a language and you don’t know how to express colors. So, don’t let your German learning experience be a sad one and let’s introduce colors […]

How to tell the Time in German

How to tell the Time in German “Es ist genull Nau Uhr.”  Well, this is a quite famous German meme, I think emitted by a radio station at exactly 12 pm. For sure you have noticed the error. Actually, this sentence should be “Es ist genau Null Uhr.” So, I think you don’t want to […]

German numbers

The Importance of German Numbers Whether you want to do business in Germany or count the endless numbers of exceptions in German grammar – German numbers are an essential part of this language. It simply doesn’t matter how hard you try to avoid them, they will always find you. Well, you actually have to know […]

The Days of the Week in German

The days of the Week in German “Entschuldigen Sie, können Sie mir sagen, welchen Tag wir heute haben?” Well, I hope you are not afraid when you here this question. By the way, its translation is “Excus me, could you tell me what day of the week it is today?” Would you exactly know what […]

Colours in French : names, nuances, and grammar

Learning French colours is an easy and useful step to take for any learner of the language. Let’s learn how to express colours in French and their nuances, in a lot of meaningful ways. We’ll deepen our study a little bit further than the usual list of main colours that’s all over the web ; […]

German Greetings and Goodbyes

In Germany, as well as in all the other german speaking countries, german greetings are an essential part of any social interaction. They show the good manners and education you possess and, most important, the respect you have for other people you interact with. So, using german greetings in nearly every day-to-day situations is quite […]